Welcome to the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology

The Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology is a university-centered research laboratory, museum, library, and meeting place for the discovery, preservation, exhibition, and celebration of Indiana’s rich cultural and archaeological heritage.

We participate fully in the teaching and research mission of Indiana University, Bloomington through our work with archaeological collections, fieldwork at sites, and studies of historic documents. The Glenn Black Laboratory is a repository for archaeological artifacts, data, and documentation for sites in the Midwest including those associated with Indiana’s largest archaeological site, Angel Mounds State Historic Site. We secure the future of archaeological and heritage research and education for the public by connecting the people of the present with the people of the past.* Learn more about our collections.

*Mission statement updated November 2014.

Artifact Spotlight

Southwind Hoe

Southwind Site (12Po265)
Mill Creek chert

This artifact is a hoe from the Southwind Site (12Po265) located in Posey County, Indiana. It is about 17 cm in length, weighs 400 g., and is made of Mill Creek chert. Of the variety of lithic tools produced in Indiana’s prehistory, farming implements such as this hoe are typical products of Mississippian sites that partially relied on agricultural subsistence. In fact, this artifact can be associated with the rise in the cultivation of maize in Mississippian society. Agricultural tools may have changed over time, but the corn industry is still going strong in Indiana.

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An image of the Angel Mounds site at dawn