About Angel Mounds

Exploring Angel Mounds IQ Table

A group of people exploring the IQ Table at the Glenn A Black Laboratory.

Exploring Angel Mounds is an interactive exhibit highlighting the Angel Mounds State Historic Site and was a collaborative effort between the GBL and IU’s Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL). The exhibit consists of a high-resolution, multi-touch, tabletop display showing a map of the Angel Mounds site. By selecting different icons scattered across the site, visitors can view photographs, videos, and information on themes such as agriculture, protection and daily life as experienced by the Mississippian inhabitants of Angel Mounds.

The exhibit is installed in the Glenn Black Lab (GBL) on the IU Bloomington campus and is free/open to the public.

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Effigy Vessels
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Palisades Illustration
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Angel Mounds Excavations