Student Projects

Student Projects

The Glenn Black Lab has an excellent team of student workers and volunteers who contribute to a number of projects in archaeology, digital media, exhibit preparation, artifact and collections conservation, archival processing, and more.

Along with our focus on research, stewardship, and public outreach, our mission is also dedicated to providing education and practical experience for the next generation of professional archaeologists, curators, librarians, and more.

Please visit our internship and practicum page for more information about opportunities at the Glenn Black Lab.

Alex Elliott

Alex graduated from IU with a BA in Anthropology and is currently working on various projects at the GBL pertaining to her interests in curation, collections management, and conservation. Recently, she completed a senior honors thesis on rehousing part of the Mann Site, which included learning how to create specialized foam artifact cavities and conducting research to rebuild an accession file. On the horizon, she will also be creating artifact condition reports, working on rehousing an “orphaned” collection, and introducing new students to the tricks and techniques for rehousing archaeological collections.

Bailey Foust

Bailey graduated with a BA in Art History from Indiana University in 2016 and has been working with the Glenn Black Lab's historic image collection of slides, negatives, and prints. She has created inventories of slides and negatives, rehoused all image formats, transferred and interpreted metadata, digitized images, and uploaded image files to image collections online for this project. Bailey will continue to digitize and upload images, as well as implement cleaning techniques that were demonstrated in a image conservation workshop hosted this fall.

Lydia Lutz

Lydia is currently a graduate student in the Library and Information Sciences department at Indiana University. She is currently interning at the Glenn A. Black Lab to process and digitize more of the Great Lakes-Ohio Valley Ethnohistory (GLOVE) collection.

Haley Suby

Haley is a graduate student in the Department of Information and Library Science. She has worked on creating digital archives for the Great Lakes-Ohio Ethnohistory (GLOVE) Collection and is currently digitizing and cataloging maps from the collection. These maps, drawn between 1803 and 1884, were compiled by Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin and her associates to be used in conjunction with dockets and reports for Indian Claims Commission land use cases. This sample of maps will highlight the Midwest, with larger concentrations focused in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Michigan. Users will be able to access these maps and records by the way of the IU Image Collections Online repository.