Research at the Glenn Black Lab

The GBL conducts contract and grant-funded research involving archaeological, historical and archival studies focused principally on the Ohio Valley and Midwest regions. Staff and affiliated students participate directly in research and facilitate use of GBL collections for local, regional, and national exhibit and research purposes. The GBL also provides oversight and consultation on all research conducted at Angel Mounds State Historic Site. The GBL has a long history of applying innovative technology to high-quality research and is continuing in this tradition by applying new state-of-the-art equipment to support both field and materials-based research.  The GBL has the technology and capability to conduct materials analysis on stone tools, ceramics, botanical and other materials using a range of low and high power optical microscopes with digital camera and imaging software.  Our materials lab also houses comparative collections of lithic raw material, stone tool use-wear and botanical specimens and we are currently working on building other comparative collections for studying ceramic composition, pigments, and textiles.