Archaeological Collections

Archaeological Collections

The Glenn Black Laboratory of Archaeology has over 12,000 accessions of archaeological collections, totaling millions of individual items. The GBL maintains the following permanent collections:

Archaeological materials deriving from both excavated contexts and donated collections. These collections piece together the material remains of cultures from the earliest occupations of North America through the historic period.

Natural and geological collections, including samples of sediment, soils, raw materials, organic matter, animal bone, and botanical remains.

Human skeletal remains from several archaeological sites in the Midwest, including Angel Mounds. These individuals provide information about the health, diet, and activities of ancient people of the Midwest, and provide clues to understanding modern health issues.

In addition to these materials we maintain an extensive teaching collection and several Type Collections.

Collections descriptions are available for the following significant GBL archaeological collections:

  • Angel Mounds
  • Fort Ouiatenon
  • Heaton Farm
  • The Lilly Collection
  • Mann Site
  • GBL Type Collections (e.g. projectile points, historic artifacts)
  • The GBL Education Collection
  • Lithic Raw Materials